If you saw my Enjoying Shopping In Person Again At Braehead blog post, you will know that I’ve been getting out and about a bit more. You may also know that I work part time at the magazine Decor & Design Scotland. So I always make sure to have a little look in homeware shops/sections when I’m out shopping. So I thought that I would share my favourite stores to shop for homeware at Braehead, as there truly is something for everyone and every budget.

home decor at Primark Braehead   Faux flowers at Primark Braehead   Faux flowers at Primark Braehead

Primark Home

Primark have really been hitting it out of the park with their home section recently. Not only is it super affordable but the quality is great too. If you’re looking to add a few new decor pieces without breaking the bank, I would definitely steer you there first.

Their faux plant and faux flower game is particularly strong. Whether you’re looking to add a spot of greenery to a space in your home. Or would rather put together your own arrangement of faux flowers, Primark have got you covered.

Kitchenware at Primark Braehead    Home decor at Primark Braehead

The variety of options available for everything from dinnerware to bakeware, candles and interesting decor pieces is fantastic. I also really loved this little dinner table setup that they’d created in the store.

Fluffy bed sheets at Primark Braehead

Now that winter is here, I cannot rave about fluffy bedding enough. Seriously, once you try it in the winter months there will be no way to go back to your usual bedding. The fact that you can get the pillowcases and fitted sheets for such an incredible price at Primark, means you simply have to give the cosiness a try. I’ve got a feeling that you’ll be thanking me later.

Sherpa Pillowcases at Primark Braehead   Clean Cotton aroma spray at Primark Braehead

When it comes to the prices, you really can’t go wrong with Primark Home’s options.

I also picked up this beautiful glass bottle fabric spray, which serves both the purpose of being useful and also being aesthetically nice to look at.

Ellis Tuesday at M&S homeware Braehead

Marks & Spencer

Next up we have Marks & Spencer. As someone who’s in M&S on a weekly basis to do my food shop, I often take a walk through the home section to see what they’re adding. And at the moment all things winter and Christmas are quite rightly making an appearance.

Bedding at M&S Braehead    Silk cushion and pillowcase at M&S Braehead

I mean, how cosy does this bed setup look?

I was really excited to see these two silk pillowcase options in Marks & Spencer too. They look as though they’re from a Christmas gifting range. But if you’ve not already experienced the wonders that a silk pillowcase can do for your hair, preventing creases in your face and allowing your skincare to actually absorb into your skin instead of the cotton of your pillowcase, they are definitely well worth trying out.

I love the look of the sleep one!

Ellist Tuesday at Next Home Braehead

Next Home

Next Home, located in the outdoor retail park really is the mecca when it comes to all things homeware. Set over two floors, I could spend hours (and have) wandering around.

Home decor at Next Homes Braehead

For on-trend home decor, Next Home is normally where I head first. I adore the little polka dot vase (can you imagine it in my polka dot bedroom?).

Home decor at Next Homes Braehead

I also couldn’t resist taking a photo of these little cuties. They have an entire range dedicated to Charlie The Cockapoo but this doorstop is just too cute.

Furniture at Next Homes Braehead    Furniture at Next Homes Braehead

If I had the room, their Holborn velvet accent chair would be making its way home with me. I’ve honestly been pining after it, in its various different colour options, for years now.

I also really appreciate the wooden and black metal accent living room setup that they had in the store too. I really like the contrast between the two materials.

Bedding at Next Home Braehead

The Next Home bedding section always calls my name, even more so in the winter months. They do velvet bedding and bedspreads particularly well. And this gunmetal grey one is a great option to totally transform a bedroom in the colder months.

Glitter towel at Next Homes Braehead

I may have just splurged on this unbelievably special bath towel. Did you ever think I’d be uttering the words special bath towel? But that’s exactly what it is. The photograph doesn’t even truly capture the sparkle and shine of it.

Halloween homeware at Next Braehead

I also loved seeing their Halloween homeware range in store. There were so many lovely bits and pieces. But the pumpkin casserole and cookware dishes were real standouts. I mean, how beautiful do they look? And think how much they would add to your enjoyment of cooking in the autumn/winter months.

Habitat homeware at Sainsbury's Braehead

Habitat at Sainsbury’s

If you didn’t already realise that you can get Habitat’s homeware range at Sainsbury’s/Argos, you have been seriously missing out. And the selection available at Sainsbury’s Braehead is always impressive.

Habitat bedding at Sainsbury's Braehead    Habitat bedding at Sainsbury's Braehead

When it comes to beautiful bedding options, the variety available at Habitat is out of this world. I mean, look how gorgeous these two are! Which one should I go back and get first?

Habitat bedding at Sainsbury's Braehead

We’ve already spoke about soft and cosy bedding and this polka dot version might just be my favourite of the bunch. I’m 100% ready for all things snug and cosy now that it’s started to get properly cold at night.

Habitat pillow cases at Sainsbury's Braehead


There are always some super special pieces to be found in the Habitat section. And the fact that you can pick them up as you do your food shop is a real bonus. Every time that I step through the doors at Sainsbury’s Braehead, I find myself drawn to at least one thing from Habitat. And it normally ends up coming home with me.

This time it was this funky embroidered eyes cushion. Doesn’t it look like it costs a whole lot more than £22?!

So those are my favourite places to shop for homeware at Braehead.

Where is your favourite place to shop for homeware? Did any of the items in today’s blog post stand out to you? And do you shop at any of these stores for homeware?


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