Frequently asked questions – security scanners

Why have we introduced scanners in the centre? Keeping people safe is our absolute priority and we’re always looking at new ways to improve security and provide reassurance to our customers

Is this a new procedure? We have already used scanners at the entrance to the arena and we are using the same technology at the centre at random times. We don’t expect it to cause disruption to people coming and going.

When will the scanners be installed in the shopping centre environment? How long for? The scanners will be installed for short periods of 1-1.5 hours for testing per week. If or when there is a raised security level, we may choose to deploy these on a more permanent basis for public protection.

Do we have security teams on the doors to pull people aside if they set off the scanners, like airports? Yes. The security team will be present to assist you. Our scanner use smart technology so can differentiate between normal items and items that could do harm. If the scanners are set off, they will conduct further searches.

Will shoppers have to empty their pockets, purses etc for metal objects like keys and coins? No. The smart technology can differentiate between everyday items and items that may be deemed dangerous. If the scanner is set off, the person will then be searched further.

Will people’s bags be searched before they go through the scanners like they do at the Sheriff and High Court buildings? No. However, if the scanners are set off, bags and other personal items may be searched.

Will customers be manually searched if they activate a sensor? Yes. A certified member of staff will ask to search your person. You have the right to refuse such a search.

What happens if someone refuses? Will they be refused entry? Yes, the person/s will be refused entry.

Is it compulsory to go through the scanner before you enter the shopping centre? Yes, as per site procedure.

Surely everyone walking in would set off a metal detector if they didn’t have to empty pockets, remove belts and watches, etc… How will we handle the volume of potential searches in a shopping centre environment, without causing massive disruption for customers? It’s smart technology so it can differentiate between anything dangerous and normal everyday items. The scanners will not be triggered by keys, wallets etc.

Are we prepared for queues outside the door if people start backing up? Security will be present for any crowd control; however, we do not expect these scanners to cause any delays.

Are these walkthrough full-body scanners? Yes. However, these are not intrusive. It is just like walking through a doorway and are the same as the permanent scanners in the Arena.

Is Braehead the first shopping centre in Scotland or the UK to introduce these scanners? Yes, customer safety is paramount, and we look to be as innovative as possible to ensure the greatest level of protection for our patrons.

Is this a pilot project/trial or are the scanners permanent? This is currently a permanent fixture for the arena, aligning with most major event arenas in the UK. These will also be randomly deployed in the centre for short periods of time. The scanners may become a permanent fixture if national security threats rise.

Has there been a specific threat made to Braehead? No, it is normal for us to use different security measures throughout the year and it’s important to stress that this doesn’t relate to a specific threat.

Has Braehead liaised with police and other security services over the introduction of these scanners? Yes. Braehead works closely with Police Scotland when implementing any new security measures. There will also be police present when using this technology in the centre.

What is the company policy when media ask to film/photograph these scanners and come into the centre to interview shoppers about having to go through the scanners? The policy for filming/photography in the mall does not change. All enquiries should be directed to centre management (0141 885 1441)