Simply Silver is an affordable luxury sterling silver 925 brand, with over 35 years of heritage, find the collection in Next Braehead.

Simply Silver earrings and rings at Braehead Glasgow Simply Silver earrings and rings at Braehead Glasgow

The range is handcrafted in Italian artisan workshops as well as in their Thai factories who they have partnered throughout that time.

Quality and design are at the heart of their brand and our core USP is exceptional value.

The collection is entirely created from 925 sterling silver and complimented with 14ct rose gold, and 14ct yellow gold to create durable jewellery that will last you longer.


Introducing their new chain collection including their just landed bead and rope designs. Simply Silver chains are adjustable so you can layer in your own unique style. This is a collection of modern design icons. Designed to stand the test of time, these pieces are crafted to be styled, stacked and layered. Whether you opt for chic silver, go bold with gold or mix your metals, they definitely have a style that will suit everyone’s look.

How to layer

Easily dress up a t-shirt and jeans with versatile chains that have been made to last. Simply Silver necklaces come in a range of lengths, so it is easy to make the perfect layered look. Some of the chains also come with 2-inch extenders so you can mix up your look every time you wear them.

First, you need to start with a base layer; we normally choose a shorter chain length to start our layering. From this base piece, you can start to build up your layers with more textured and intricate necklaces. Opt for unique chain types like a diamond cut chain or a flat bead chain necklace to keep your layering look subtle yet chic.

If you want to add a little more luxury, a detailed pendant will make sure your layered look takes centre stage. Add a necklace rich with meaning like a heart shape or infinity style pendant, making your layered look even more special to you.

Semi-precious collection

Introducing the new Semi-Precious collection by Simply Silver, each gemstone has been thoughtfully chosen for its colour, personality and unique healing properties.

Crafted using signature 925 sterling silver and 14ct plated gold, earrings, rings and necklaces have been created to inspire and empower the wearer.


The streaked Malachite stone is not only bold in colour but also in power, aiding the wearer in the release of suppressed emotion and facilitating powerful insight. With transformative, protective forces and the powerful feeling of love, Malachite is the perfect Semi-Precious stone for someone who is looking for extra guidance and healing within their life.

Perfect for gifting, from birthdays to anniversaries, or if you’re looking to treat yourself to a jewellery box essential that is as unique as you are – the new Semi-Precious collection comes in a range of stones, working well when worn on their own or worn together as part of a vibrant combination.


The Lapis stone is a beautiful dark marbled navy. The marble quality ensures each stone is slightly different in shade and tone, so your jewellery is truly unique to you. Lapis is a mental and spiritual cleanser, layered in wisdom it ensures it can rid old and negative emotions and uncover the root of your problems by invoking the truth.

Find the Simply Silver collections in Next Braehead.