LeVian AW23

Ernest Jones

Sunday 15 October

Ernest Jones limited-edition gems - Honey Gold™ butterfly pendant with Chocolate Diamonds® and Vanilla Diamonds™.

Join the Ernest Jones Team on Sunday 15 October 2023 as they showcase hundreds of rare and sought-after pieces that pay tribute to LeVian’s rich Persian heritage, the event will immerse customers in an array of dazzling jewels that can tried and bought before anyone else, including this season’s showstoppers – Le Vian’s special version of garnet, the warm, trusting and sincere Raspberry Rhodolite™ and Blueberry Tanzanite™, a gemstone so prized for its rarity, it can only be found in foothills of Tanzania.

These one-of-a-kind, limited-edition pieces can only be viewed and purchased at special show prices on the event day. ​

Book an appointment and meet the Le Vian experts on hand and learn more about the family-run business that brings us Earth’s rarest gems. Plus, there will be a prize draw to win a Le Vian® Honey Gold™ butterfly pendant featuring Chocolate Diamonds® and Vanilla Diamonds™.​

Customers can book an exclusive appointment here: ernestjones.co.uk/le-vian-events ​