Hi Tea – Now Open!

Heard of bubble tea? But have you tried it? We are excited to launch bubble tea at Braehead, in our newest cafe Hi Tea.

A tea-riffic new addition to Braehead’s food and drink offering has just opened in the centre.

Shoppers can find Hi Tea in the upper mall, serving tea like you’ve never had before.  Their speciality drink Bubble Tea, also known as Boba Tea, is a popular Taiwanese drink that has taken the world by storm.

This refreshing and sweet tea is mixed with creamy milk and chewy black tapioca pearls, creating a delicious and unique flavour and texture.

You can also get Fresh Fruit Popping Boba Green Tea, which is a delicious and drink that combines the goodness of green tea with juicy, fruit-filled boba pearls that burst in your mouth.

Then there is Yakult Fruit Popping Boba Green Tea is a flavour-filled drink that combines the goodness of green tea with the tangy taste of Yakult yogurt and the fun pop of fruit-flavoured boba pearl.

And along with their favourite Bubble Tea, customers can make their visit to Hi Tea all the more enjoyable with cake and ice cream.

Braehead Centre Director Peter Beagley said:

“You could say that Hi Tea coming to Braehead suits everyone to a tea!

“It’s a great addition for shoppers to enjoy when they visit the centre. After all, Braehead is all about fashion, food and fun.”

Try a cup today in Hi Tea on the upper level of the centre near Smiggle.