Glasgow Clan – Back on the ice

The Glasgow Clan kick off their ice season this September.

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The Glasgow Clan Ice Hockey Club came into existence in 2010 and continues to pack in 3000+ fans a game at Braehead Arena. The club plays in the Elite Ice Hockey League and has enjoyed numerous successful seasons, including second place in 2015. With regular sell-outs and social media followers in the tens of thousands, the Clan are a serious sporting attraction in the West of Scotland.

Hard-hitting action, entertainment and even a Highland Cow mascot are just part of the unique game night experience of a Glasgow Clan game. Add all these ingredients into the mix, and you get a different, but wonderful game night experience for anyone looking to do something different.  Glasgow Clan will certainly provide that.

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Braehead Ice Centre has been the hub of public ice skating and ice sports within Greater Glasgow for many years and will continue to do so. With many clubs situated in the Glasgow, Renfrew and the Paisley area, the Braehead Ice Centre hosts many ice skaters, who enjoy skating recreationally or somewhere for figure skaters to train for competition. It is also a popular place to go for kids and adults who simply want to get their skates and meet up with friends, making it a social place to meet for them. With tens of thousands visiting the ice centre every month and partaking in its facilities and what it has to offer, it will continue to be a venue where many can enjoy their favourite pastime.

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