Brand new H&M store – Now open!

Shoppers visiting the new Braehead store will notice a warmer, more welcoming interior and relaxed environment, and a lower volume of products which will be displayed in a curated and inspirational way.

With sustainability at heart, H&M continues to lead the transition to circular, climate positive fashion. These values will be built into the foundation of the new Braehead store which offers H&M’s Garment Collection and Recycling service.

Launched in 2013, H&M’s Garment Collection and Recyling scheme allows customers to donate any unwanted clothes and textiles, by any brand, whilst shopping in-store. All donated items are recycled with 0% going to landfill. To encourage shoppers to use their Garment Collection programme, H&M offer Conscious Points in addition to a digital voucher.

The H&M garment collecting scheme is just one example of the many projects H&M has implemented to lead the change towards 100% circularity.

H&M’s new store, “will offer a welcoming, modern and meaningful shopping experience were style, creativity and culture are celebrated,” H&M Expansion Manager Chris Clare states. Over the coming months, H&M is partnering with local businesses and talent in Glasgow, to support the community, “proving how committed we are to Glasgow, using our size and scale to support local artisans to inspire our loyal customers there.”

Find the store in the new location on the lower level of the centre.