Autumn/Winter Fashion 2021

As the days gradually get shorter and the leaves start falling from the trees, it’s time to wrap up in cosy layers and embrace AW Fashion!

Here we have the best looks to ensure you’re bang on trend the season.

Faux Fur

The Faux Fur trend has never gone away and is essential as the winter months creep in! Whether you style out top to bottom in a full coat or opt for a touch of faux fur wth a  fashionable collar – we will all be sporting some this season.

  • Tips on how to wear faux fur
  • Faux fur coats combine fashion and functionality – keeping you stylish, warm and dry.
  • They come in styles to suit everyone from the classic trench to eye popping leopard print.
  • Go crazy and add a pop of colour or bright pattern.
  • Invest in a faux fur collar which can be worn with a whole host of different outfits.

Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets might seem so 2018, but we must admit we can’t wait to get our oversized puffer on this season! Is there anything better than basically wearing a duvet out and about this winter? We’ve seen short puffers creep onto the high street throughout the summer, and they will be back in all shades and shapes this winter.

Tips on how to wear puffer jackets

  • Team your puffer with some wide-legged trousers and trainers for a relaxed casual look.
  • Adding chunky boots adds some drama to an oversized puffer – and they’re also good for walking in the snow and ice.
  • We’ve all enjoyed living in athleisure for the past 18 months, no need to give up those trackies, just team them with a puffer and hat for an on-trend Autumn look.
  • It’s not just a trend for the ladies, this season you’ll find puffers in menswear and kidswear – we’ve even spotted some puffers for our furry friends.

Brown – The colour of the season

This season’s unlikely key colour trend is brown, and you will spot it in 100’s of different shades in stores this season. This surprising flexible colour can be teamed with a rainbow of traditional Autumn colours, including auburn, maroon, aubergine, forest green and navy blue. We’ve even seen some people team it with black.

Tip on how to wear brown

  • Be brave and try a fully brown outfit.
  • Use brown as an accessory, brown hats, scarfs, and gloves with add a stylish twist to most outfits.
  • It’s less harsh than black – why not swap some of your black wardrobe staples for brown instead.
  • Brown bags will never go out of fashion. Fact!

Trouser suits

Following on from SS21, it looks like killer trouser suits are here to stay! The high street will be filled with rails of designs to suit all figures. Choose high wasted, wide legged, statement blazers and broad shoulders – whatever you’re still you’ll find a trouser suit to suit this season.

Tips on how to wear trouser suits

  • Invest in a crisp white shirt, it will go with any trouser suit and is also a classic and elegant look paired with your fave jeans.
  • Trouser suits are high impact, low effort dressing. You decide how you want to pull it off, wear a trouser suit with trainers for a breezy day to day look, or team with a pair of heels to show you mean business.
  • Choose a colour you feel comfortable in, this season you will see rainbow of colours, but if you don’t want to try a bright pink or yellow, stick to some earthy tones like terracotta or stone.
  • Mix and match. One of the best things about a trouser suit is that you can team both the jacket and trousers independently with a variety of other items, giving you limitless choices.

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