Keeping you safe during your visit

As you may be aware, the Scottish Government have recently introduced additional safety measures which affect our centre. This includes restrictions on dining and a return to 2 metre distancing in stores. To avoid queues, please plan ahead when visiting the centre, check our website for store opening times, click and collect when ordering food and leave extra time when visiting as there are likely to be queues.

Thank you for helping keep everyone safe in centre.

Our priority as we start to come out of the lockdown is to keep people safe. Nothing is more important to us and we will continue to make sure our centres are clean and safe places to be. We have looked at every element of what we need to do to run our centres as safely as possible and we have common principles that have guided our decisions.

What measures are in place?

Social distancing

Social distancing will be essential as we start to re-open and we will have a range of additional safety measures inside. In terms of the in-centre experience, we’ll be asking people to follow a marked route and to keep 2m apart at all times

Hand sanitisation

As before, we will also have hand sanitisation stands at key points throughout the centre for everyone to use. We ask that everyone makes use of these when entering the centre and regularly throughout their visit. We’ll also have toilet facilities with access to soap and hot water.

Marked routes

Once inside, we ask everyone to do their part too and follow the official guidance and in-centre information displays carefully.


Our teams will be managing the number of visitors inside our centres and we will have controls in place at the entrance and exit points to help us do that effectively. Where necessary, we will have a queuing system outside each centre to regulate footfall.

We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and support as we serve our local communities in the way we know best. Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on how your visit with us may have changed.